RFAL specialises in consultancy and interim management. Often businesses may wish to have an independent assessment of the marketplace in which they operate and a snapshot of where to move forward in terms of their chosen market taking into account the competition and other external factors. Equally businesses who do not have the resources to employ a full time strategy, marketing, communications or change management professional may wish to utilise the services of an interim manager working for a specific period of time advising and then implementing and carrying out a tailored programme or campaign to meet their needs.

RFAL focuses on strategy, marketing, communications and change management.



Being able to formulate and implement an effective strategy is at the heart of all successful businesses. RFAL can assist with the strategy formation and revalidation process which is vital to ensure your business is still following the correct strategy for the market conditions it is currently facing. RFAL can provide specialist strategy advice to suit your requirements.



Getting the marketing strategy right is vital in understanding your customers and competing 24/7 in a rapidly changing and competitive global market. RFAL understand the complexities of operating within a 24/7 environment and are adapt at exploring new avenues for clients in ensuring their products and services meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. New business development opportunities are highlighted and explored in a full in-depth assessment of the clients business. Equally attention is given to taking into account cultural issues that may affect buyer behaviour.



Successfully changing the culture of an organisation to reflect more fully the needs of customers requires all those involved to recognise the main issues as seen from outside their organisation. RFAL can facilitate this bringing an all embracing wider view of the issues affecting the marketplace in which you operate. RFAL can provide change management services tailored to your particular needs. Please contact RFAL for a detailed discussion on your requirements. RFAL can provide services tailored to your particular needs.


Interim assignments undertaken by RFAL include: Internal Communications and Change Manager  |  Marketing Communications Manager  |  Academic services provided to a UK Business School at a leading University on two occasions including overseas in Hanoi.  




Workshop provision available at client's London, Lisbon or Algarve premises. Interactive workshops tailored to specific issues faced in the business environment using case studies:  Cross Cultural Marketing | Strategy and Change Management | Managing Change.


Initial 1.5 hour mentoring session followed by 2 further 60 minute mentoring sessions. Content tailored to your own requirements and can include: executive mentoring | career coaching | outplacement advice | an introduction to interim management | setting up your own business including a limited company.  

Overseas Package (Algarve Retreat):  Held over 2/3 days or a weekend as required in the beautiful village of Cabanas de Tavira with its selection of restaurants, bars and sandbank beach. You will be responsible for your own flights to and from Faro and booking your own accommodation in Cabanas de Tavira and transport.

UK Package:  UK meetings held using Skype.



With the UK seeking to reaffirm it's place as one of the pre-eminent trading nations in the world and focusing on increased global trading opportunities following Brexit the importance of understanding cultural influences that have an impact on the business environment when engaging in trade on an increasingly global world stage are extremely important.  RFAL has a tailor made interactive workshop focussed on Cross Cultural Marketing. The workshop allows delegates to understand how interacting with countries with differing cultural attitudes needs a prior understanding of the complex cultural issues that are present before interaction takes place.