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Mentoring & Coaching
Interactive Workshops

Senior executive mentoring and coaching is available from Roger Fulford Associates Limited including for those undertaking MBA qualifications. Mentoring and coaching provides a cost effective means of enabling managers to develop their abilities fully whilst they remain in the workplace environment.

The content will be tailored to your own requirements and can include:

  • executive mentoring

  • career coaching

  • outplacement advice

  • an introduction to interim management                                

  • setting up your own business including a limited company                                                                          




Please enquire for more details:


Small Business Marketing Health Check - Getting the Marketing Strategy Right


How often have you wondered if your current marketing strategy is in tune with your customers? RFAL will carry out a full small business marketing health check focussed to your requirements. To be fully effective strategic marketing requires a suitable model on which to access the current state of the products a company has on the market viz a viz their long term potential and viability as well as assessing suitable replacements. Using the appropriate tools it is possible to actively predict what course of action may be necessary once a particular product or service reaches a certain stage.

RFAL can carry this function out on behalf of clients using the most relevant benchmarking tool applicable to your business and products and provide strategic advice having assessed the relevant characteristics, marketing objectives and strategies to provide specialist strategic marketing advice.



Equally with the UK focusing on increasing it's global trading opportunities following Brexit the importance of understanding cultural influences 


that have an impact on the business environment when engaging in trade on an increasingly global world stage are extremely important. RFAL has a tailor made interactive workshop focussed on Cross Cultural MarketingThe workshop allows delegates to understand how interacting with countries with differing cultural attitudes needs a prior understanding of the complex cultural issues that are present before interaction takes place.

Interactive Workshop: Cross Cultural Marketing

Culture has important consequences for those involved in marketing campaigns and a deeper understanding of the effects that cultural influences have on the marketing message being received is vital in being able to determine if your marketing message is actually reaching the audience and being received as you intended. An interactive 3.5 hour workshop with a focus on the issues behind cross cultural marketing and the theory first introduced by Hofstede and the work of De Mooij whilst exploring the realities of today's marketing in a 24/7 environment and the advent of social media.




Interactive Workshop: Strategy and Change Management

Being able to formulate and implement an effective strategy is at the heart of all successful businesses. Too often the business environment is faced with many pressures and identifying that a change within an organisation needs to take place is often the easy part; actually ensuring the change as envisaged actually takes place to time and to cost and is fully implemented is not as easy. An interactive 3 hour workshop with a focus on the issues behind strategy and change management with proven management models; PESTLE, the 7S model, Ansoff model, Porters 5 Forces, Porters Value chain, LEWINS change model. Delegate led in terms of the outcomes that will be taken away.






Interactive Workshop: Managing Change 

Drawing on established theory the workshop will follow a case study approach with delegates being asked to analyse organisations from completely different sectors that are faced with issues concerning managing change. Delegates will each put forward a programme for managing change based on the external environment and internal factors present. An interactive 2.5 hour workshop with a focus on the issues behind successfully managing change with proven management models;  PESTLE, the 7S model, Types of Change, Style of Managing Change, Field Force Analysis, LEWINS change model. Delegate led in terms of the outcomes that will be taken away from the workshop.






RFAL can provide workshops tailored to your particular needs. Please contact RFAL for a detailed discussion focussed on your requirements.


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